Web Development

Website Design Development

Websites being a key component in the growth of any business can be associated with the first step towards gaining an online presence and getting in touch with your potential user base. It is of vital importance to get the right guidance and premium services in the digital world to outshine among competitors. For niche businesses, where geographic limitations hampers the wider presence, the best web development company withholds an opportunity to reach nationwide or global community with much greater ease.

Wagerts being one of the top web development companies in Pakistan ensures that every web page has an exceptional layout so it’s not only appealing but also hikes up the conversion rate. Our website development firm is dedicated towards providing custom UI/UX designs that add great value to your business by building a unique identity and user experience.

Our Expertise

SME & Portfolio Websites

Incorporating affordability, ease of use and SEO integrated features we offer a perfect platform for SMEs to reach out towards establishing their market base.

Blogging Sites

To help you connect with both your existing and prospective customers, we help you build and maintain your professional community and network through our expert blogging site solutions.

Landing Pages

We offer tailored CRO landing pages to meet your business goals so that you can cater specifically to your audience and generate more conversions.

CMS Websites

Right from helping you get more leads and prospects, to enhancing your professional brand, we help you with everything. We can create websites integrated with document management, digital asset management and record retention so that you can update or modify content all by yourself.


With our engaging ecommerce website design, get the assurance of presenting your business online while building a trust of onlookers at the same time. With great graphics and impeccable visuals, we ensure displaying your products much more fascinating and persuasive for your prospects.

Web Applications

To render first point of engagement and convenient anytime access, inculcating with web applications can not help you connect with regional clients but globally too.


SaaS is gaining momentum as it is affordable, short implementation time, and highly scalable. We create excellent web experience to help SaaS companies establish stronger footprint in the market.

Responsive Websites

For optimized browsing experience, we ensure your website looks great and work well on a desktop, laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone’s browser.