App Development

Our Road-Map to Mobile App Development

The exploding popularity of smartphones and tablets is what makes mobile application development a new populous medium of software creation. There is research backing up the fact that mobile app revenues are projected to hit $600 billion in 2020. Hence, this prolific and growing industry is attracting businesses from every corner towards mobile applications of the marketplace concerned towards amplifying returns.

So, to build a great brand app you need a top mobile app development company. Regaining at the success of being the best app development company, we perform full market research and understand the client’s requirements, validating the business idea first. We prioritize the app development based on the company’s target users, budget, requirements of clients, uniqueness of the project, etc. Wagerts supports its clients, right from the conceptualization stage to the delivery of a mobile app. We also connect your brand with users through our agile mobile marketing process. We are ranked as the Top Mobile Application Development Company India by Clutch, 2019.

Our Expertise

Social Media Networks

The fast, reliable and easy to connect social media networks help build a rich customer base for our clients. By integrating app development with social media platforms, we help you build business platforms that not only amplify your clients but also build a strong business identity similar to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit and messaging apps who all have managed to garner fame and popularity with mobile application development.

Ordering / Delivery

From isolated meeting rooms to crowded public places, online ordering and delivery apps gives comfort, convenience, trust and ample choices to customers. Our online ordering apps facilitates clients with a live tracking system, map integration support, delivery notifications abiding security and privacy features. We’ve helped local and international businesses widen their reach with creating user friendly applications and strong delivery networks.

Fitness / Health

Heart rate tracking, weight loss progression, blood pressure reading, pedometer and all that progresses health and fitness is what constitutes health apps. We hold vast experience and expertise towards building such apps for our clients based locally and globally.


Did you know more than 85% of users book plane tickets, hotels, movies, service appointments via mobile apps. In addition to this, with our expertise in applications catered to the transport industry, we ensure to simplify the bookings related to ride hailing apps including cab, taxi, their availability, affordability, comfort and destination navigation assistance and other factors under one roof.


We’ve abundant experience in scaling and developing upcoming and continuously booming eCommerce applications for various categories such as fashion, clothing, Electronic gadgets, Medical, a-z basic needs, etc.


Right from creating engaging and interactive student programs to designing advanced study methods, we facilitate our clients with numerous e-learning applications that results in offering both efficiency and effectiveness to both students and educators.


Google translate, Google goggle, Calculator, Flashlight, Photo Filters, App Lock, Gas Buddy, to name a few are some of the best examples of utilities and tools apps. To give our clients the best practical utility out of their Android smartphones, iOS and tablets, we are focused to give them the feasibility to search and utilize anything quickly.

Personal / Professional

To make things simpler, efficient and ultimately reliable in the long run, mobile apps can help businesses in several ways. Right from increased recognition to improved visibility, customer engagement to customer loyalty, we help both large or small businesses to excel and reduce the barrier between their customers and employees.

Custom Applications

Have a different concept in mind? We’ve devised numerous iOS app development related to Entertainment, Banking, Finance, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, and more.